Dance Program

The Sacred Heart Dance Program



Mrs. KatieLyn Leschert

KatieLyn is a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto. She enjoys a diversified career as a Teacher, Choreographer, Musical Director and Performer. She has led the pleasure of teaching piano, voice and various styles or dance to students in Alberta and Toronto. Born and raised in Wetaskiwin, Katie trained competitively at Dance FX. KatieLyn enjoys sharing her love for the Arts with her students and is looking forward to another great year at Sacred Heart School.

We are offering a dance program for Sacred Heart girls and boys to participate in. The dance program will be offered over the lunch hour for 30 minutes, one day per week, in our school gym. The program begins in October and goes until mid May. The cost for the program is $85. This year we will offer 2 programs: a Beginners - Grade 1 - 3 as well as an Intermediate: Grades 4 - 6. (No previous training is required)

All of the above programs will involve jazz and hip hop.

Please contact the school for more information for private piano or voice lessons, or the dance program.  The dance program is open to all students at Sacred Heart School with or without previous dance training.  The program will be offered during the lunch hour throughout the school year.