At Sacred Heart, we have an open door policy with parents. We want you to ask questions about your child’s education. Our teachers are committed to helping our students achieve their very best, whether it is through innovative art programs or tailored instruction. We believe that not everyone learns in the same way, so we offer a variety of teaching tools and instruction. As a Catholic School, our emphasis on faith helps to ensure that everyone’s gifts and talents are recognized and that our students follow the example of Jesus Christ to care for each other.

At Sacred Heart School, we recognize that strong parent involvement creates stronger school communities and the best educational experience for children. As the parent or guardian, you can be involved in so many ways, such as helping your child with homework, communicating openly and often with your child’s teachers, volunteering, joining parent council, fund raising, sharing your expertise and talents and more.

We know that Sacred Heart School is a caring place and that together we will create a place where students want to learn and succeed. If you are considering Sacred Heart School, we would be pleased to give you a personalized tour and an opportunity to meet our Principal and staff. For more information, contact us here.

Did you know? Sacred Heart School has provided educational and faith development to the community of Wetaskiwin since 1903. This long history, and our strong ties with the church and parish have provided the backbone of our ultimate mission, “Bringing Children to Christ.”