About our Kindergarten

  • We are Christ centered. At the ECS level we talk about how God has made us special and unique. We also introduce how we are made in God’s image.  We talk about changes and we relate the Bible stories to our everyday life.
  • Our School is “A School of the Arts”. We know children don’t always learn in the same way, so, we encourage and introduce learning through different intelligences such as through music, drama and art.
  • Parent involvement is encouraged. There are many opportunities to be a parent volunteer. There are special evenings where your child and a parent come to school to do special activities.  Fundraising helpers and volunteers are also needed throughout the year.
  • At Sacred Heart School  we offer a full day program.  Classes run Monday,  Wednesday and alternating Fridays  or  Tuesday, Thursday and alternating Fridays.

What Do Children Learn In Kindergarten ?

  • It is a significant period in human development.
  • Children at this age start to develop independence, initiative, decision-making ability, creativity, early literacy and numeracy skills, the ability to learn, the ability to relate to other, verbal communication skills and feeling of self worth.
  • What they learn at this stage will have a major impact on successful learning experiences in school, personal development and future participation.
  • There are seven areas of development:  Early Literacy, Early Numeracy, Creative Expression, Personal and Social Responsibility, Environment and Community Awareness, Citizenship and Identity and Physical skills and well being.

A Day in Kindergarten

  • Table Top Activities
  • Prayer and Announcements
  • Calendar Activities
  • Animated Literacy and Activities
  • Snack and Recess
  • Directed Activities- Math, Social, Religion, Science
  • Free Play and Centers


Please note: The amended provincial Education Act will implement a standardized age of entry for kindergarten students as of September 1, 2020. As of then, children must be 5 years old by December 31 of the year they begin school. You can read more on the STAR Catholic website.