Awards and Scholarships

Sacred Heart School Scholarship Foundation

The Sacred Heart School Scholarship Foundation provides academic scholarships to high school graduates who completed grade 9 at Sacred Heart School. The scholarships range from $100.00 to $2000 depending on the student’s end of year average. The scholarships are non-competitive and all students who achieve an honours standing will be eligible for the awards.

Because we are a Foundation, we do collect a $5.00 annual membership fee. Also, we are a registered charity so anyone who makes a donation to us will be given a tax-deductible receipt.

Contact Janice Bilyk or Tara McBride for more information.

School Awards & Recognition

We strive to be proactive by teaching social and cultural understanding and respect. We have monthly elementary assemblies featuring a virtue of the month and award certificates to students who have demonstrated an understanding of that month’s virtue. At our monthly junior high assemblies, in addition to recognizing students who promote a kind and welcoming school environment with the Titan Kindness award, we applaud and recognize our Math Minds of the month, Literacy Stars of the month, and  Athletes of the month.

Every October, we celebrate the many gifts and talents within our school with our Night of the Titans Awards Night. We recognize those students who have excelled at numerous aspects of school life from strong academic progress, exemplary citizenship and stewardship, to most improved and outstanding efforts in all aspects of extracurricular activities.