Junior High Electives

Junior High Elective Programming for Students in Grades 7-9 at Sacred Heart School

The intent of these electives is that students explore areas of interest, develop skills and round out their school and life experiences. We believe that students should explore a range of electives and also have the ability to delve deeper into some programs of interest as they progress through their junior high years.

Electives are subject to change based on teacher availability and student interest. Please note that many electives have a fee. Also, students who choose Drama in Q1 will be required to continue with it for Q2 & Q3. Students who choose Band will be required to remain enrolled in it for all 4 quarters.




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Active Living

Active Living


Active Living is an elective course open to any student who would like to maintain an active lifestyle. A variety of individual and team games/activities will be offered to develop fitness levels and an interest in and appreciation of physical activity. Emphasis will be on game play.


FEE: $35

ARTistic Creations is an opportunity for both boys and girls to explore and develop their talents and tap into their imaginations and artistic creativity. It is a performance-based elective showcasing drawing, painting, pastel, printmaking and sculpture. Indigenous art is a focus. Everyone can be an artist!

Q1 - Drawing & Sketching
Q2 - Crafting
Q3 - Painting 
Q4 - Building & Sculpting



This sport enrichment course offers students the opportunity to build and strengthen skills to advance their badminton game to the next level. Students will be assessed on their skill development throughout.

Band * Full-Year, Elective A*

FEE: $100 for this course, which includes the cost of the rental on the instrument

The objective of the band program is to develop well-rounded musicians through classroom learning and public performances. Students will gain knowledge of many forms of music through as many diverse musical experiences as possible. They will also learn of the great composers of the past and present as well as current trends in music. Technical and theoretical components of music will largely be taught through the playing of the instruments in a wide range of repertoire. There is also an opportunity to attend an overnight band camp (extra cost).

Basketball Enrichment - Beginner or Advanced


This sport enrichment course offers students the opportunity to build and strengthen skills to advance their basketball game to the next level. Students will be assessed on their skill development throughout.

Book Club


Talking about books helps boost a love of reading. The book club experience is social and a great way to share ideas and perspectives. Readers come together to talk about a specific book or discuss a topic or theme across several different book titles. Book clubs extend students' thinking as they process and interpret the perspectives and opinions of their peers. Through sharing their thinking, students build a richer understanding than any one student could gain from independent reading alone.


Fee: $35

Do you like to sing? Choir is a mixed group for singers of all levels, focusing on individual musical development and development of choral singing while creating a group atmosphere. Specifically, students apply good vocal production through breath support, tone production, intonation and more. Choir members also learn about and apply the elements of music (rhythm, dynamics, tempo, pitch, articulation, etc.) while singing pieces of popular, classical, folk music, and more.

Coding & Robotics

FEE: $35

Robots are designed to think, sense and act! With this course, students will spend time building with robots and experimenting with code to control a variety of robotics equipment. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program and document their progress and problem-solving strategies.

Creative Writing


Weave original stories and fashion new ideas to showcase your creativity. Write autobiographies, fantasy, fairy tales, short stories, poetry and more! Join us to unlock your writing potential.

DanceBeginner (no formal training required) OR Advanced (formal training required)

FEE: $35

Students will choose BEGINNER or ADVANCED. In this course students will experience a variety of dance styles and disciplines including: Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern/Contemporary, and Musical Theatre. Students will learn choreography and choreograph their own dance routines. Along the way, students will learn about historical figures in dancing.

Drama *Q1, Q2, Q3 Required

FEE: $35

The primary objectives for dramatic studies are to enhance student confidence and imagination through active expression. Students explore various forms of drama through one-act productions and musicals. Students will be involved in producing a Christmas musical and school production. Come join the fun...even if you don’t like acting, you can work behind the scenes in props, costumes and sound.

Driver's Education & First Aid


Before getting your learner driver's licence (Class 7 Licence) in Alberta, you will need to take a knowledge exam that tests your knowledge of Alberta’s traffic laws. In this elective, students will learn Alberta essential driving skills, as well as road rules and road signs used on Alberta roads.

Fabric Arts

FEE: $35

Students will learn how to hand sew and machine sew to complete different assignments and projects. They will also complete student choice projects that may include: beading, cross-stitching, knitting and crocheting.

Film Studies/Video Production


Have you ever wondered how movies are made? Do you want to create your own short film? Film Studies concentrates on the areas of film and media history, theory and technique, and the study of genres. The goal of this course is to help students understand both the history of film as an art form and to enable them to understand how the makers of film structure their work to communicate ideas and feelings to an audience. As a final project, students will be challenged to create their own short film or movie trailer.

Fitness & Wellness

FEE: $35

This option is for the sports enthusiast that wants to pursue and learn lifelong activities. These non-competitive activities may include running, walking, Pilates, bocce, ladder golf, disc golf, croquet, bowling and swimming. Emphasis is on a responsible and holistic approach to healthy living.

Foods (by grade)

FEE: $35

In the Foods elective students will gain knowledge relating to food safety, sanitation, and safe handling of kitchen utensils and equipment. Students must work cooperatively in a group to read, and follow a recipe to create a final product. They will be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained in this course to create and cook a number of healthy snacks and meals, as well as some tasty treats. Students will end the course equipped to cook for themselves.

Cree Language & Culture

FEE: $35

Come and learn Cree with us! Students will become more confident and comfortable as
Cree speakers in various situations and for different purposes at home, in school and in
the community. Students will model their relationships (wahkohtowin) with Kikâwînaw
Askiy (Mother Earth), others, and themselves, guided by Omâmawi Ohtâwîmâw (the
Creator). Students will analyze various ways in which Cree culture influences themselves
and their community. Open to all students!

Green Club

FEE: $35

Do you have a passion for environmental sustainability? Join us as we develop environmental empathy while learning how to create a garden space, prepare the soil, and choose environmentally friendly methods to prevent weeds and pests. We will explore organic gardening as well as container gardening when space is limited. Projects may include developing a bird sanctuary, helping save the honeybee population, and a lunch composting program.

Graphic Design


The world is filled with so many different forms of art – including digital art. In this course, you’ll explore this special genre of art found in everything from advertising to animation to photography and beyond.
Additionally, you’ll tap into your creative side to create digital art and make it come alive!


Fee: $35

Students get a chance to learn how to play the guitar...no previous knowledge necessary!  Students will learn about the different components as well as the language of the guitar, and learn introductions to chord structures, guitar theory, and strumming patterns. In an effort to keep the pace of the course fun and engaging, students will be able to learn a variety of songs fairly quickly, some even at their own request! Guitars are supplied, however you are welcome to bring your own.

Healthy Minds - Unwind Your Mind!


What are the skills I need to maintain a healthy mind when faced with daily stresses? Assignments, homework, tests, chores… life is full of stressful things. In this option, students will learn how to de-stress in a healthy, tech-free, and fun way. From card games to Pilates, from making crafts to outdoor adventures, this option includes a variety of activities and lessons that will help students learn to keep their minds healthy in our busy world.

Hockey Academy

PRE-REQUISITE: Prior Hockey Experience

FEE: $195 for first time registrants; $125 for returning players

NOTE:  Students must be in good academics standing to have the privilege of participating in the hockey option.



iLEAD is a fun authentic elective for those who have a desire to develop their leadership skills and provide service to Sacred Heart School, the church and the community. We will plan, organize and implement projects (dances, spirit days, lunch activities, food drives, etc.) to improve school atmosphere and to explore your leadership potential. YOU can make a difference by choosing this elective. Students from this class will be picked to attend WE Day.



I Make A Difference!!! And if you agree you can be the change and difference in this world then this is your option. As a group, we will decide which project both in the school and community we want to empower and impact (Pink shirt day, Pay it forward, NOW society). You will also become part of the NET school team exploring ways to love and serve God.

Interactive Science


This elective is based on scientific principles of research and continued experimentation for improvement. Students will carry out scientific demonstrations,
and explain why the amazing things they see, hear and feel happen the way they do.
From giant bubbles to water powered rockets, exploding chemicals, and showers of
foam, science isn’t just about learning, it’s also about fun.

Outdoor Education

FEE: $35

Do you love the outdoors? If so, then this is the elective for you! Students will get first-hand experience in nature and develop skills in common outdoor pursuits. We will also look at our environmental impact and how we can reduce our carbon footprint and become a steward of the earth. Students will focus on skills such as fire building, outdoor cooking, orienteering, wilderness survival skills, emergency shelters, first aid and fitness building activities such as hiking and snowshoeing. There is a big focus on getting outdoors and experiencing nature! This option will have an overnight field trip (extra cost).



Podcasting is one of the newest forms of mass media, and provides our students with an
audience, a purpose, and a plan for growing their public speaking skills. To be successful
with creating podcasts, students must first explore podcasts that interest them, and
listen to podcasts as mentor texts. Creating a podcast gives our students valuable life
skills in technology and communication. Podcasting can help students explore their
interests, learn new skills, tap into the 4 c’s (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration,
Communication), and engage in authentic learning.

Recreation & Sport

Fee: $35

Do you love being active and living a healthy lifestyle? Join us for some outdoor play! This elective will give you a chance for fun and exercise, reinforce community spirit and advance your problem-solving abilities. Learn to play Bocce, Capture the Flag, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf, Four Square, Wiffle Ball, Spike Ball and more!

Science Fair

FEE: $35

Curiosity unleashed! This elective encourages inquiry, critical
thinking, effective communication, interaction with peers, and
citizenship. Over the course of the term, students will conduct
scientific research and work towards the creation of a Science Fair
project of their own for presentation at our in-house science fair.

Science Fiction Study


In this class, students will look at the Sci-Fi genre in print and movie form.
Students will study Sci-Fi’s earliest beginning from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
to the latest installment of Star Wars. Students will discover how Sci-Fi has
impacted real word events. Students will create their own Sci-Fi through many
art forms.

Strategic Board Games

FEE: $35

If you like a challenge, spending time with friends, strategizing, and friendly competition, then this is the elective for you. In this option, you will play a variety of board and card games, learn about their design elements, and the strategies employed in games. You will also create your own board or card game.

Track & Field


This sport enrichment course offers students the opportunity to build and strengthen their skills in short distance running/sprints, long distance running, long jump, high jump, shot put, discus and javelin. Students will be assessed on their skill development throughout.



This  course offers students the opportunity to build and strengthen skills to advance their volleyball game to the next level. Students will be assessed on their skill development throughout. 

Wood Shop (by grade)

FEE: $35

A skill leveled class where students enrolled will create/design/manufacture and finish wood-based projects. This elective will begin with a strong safety emphasis and tool recognition. Students will be guided in the mastery of basic wood crafting hand tools, along with power tools such as palm and belt sanders, hand and drill press, coping and mitre saws, table and plunge routers and jigsaws.