School Council

School Council News

The 2019-2020 School Council Executive:

Chair - Christie Chrunik
Vice Chair - Nancy Kircher
Treasurer - Kat Staple
Secretary - 
Fundraising Coordinator - Melinda Zander


Operating Procedures

Next school council meeting TBD

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Vessey Seeds Fundraiser Update:

We have had quite a few parents who have been asking if this fundraiser is still happening. Due to the overwhelming support of parents wanting it to move forward, we are still going to do this fundraiser.

E-transfers can be sent to it will auto deposit, so please put your child’s/sellers name and grade in the message box so we can match it to the order forms. We will also accept a picture of the order form via e-mail to If this absolutely will not work for you send an email and we can work with you to a solution for a no contact drop off.

At this time, feel free to collect orders for yourself or family members or via social media and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and e-mail THE DEADLINE is extended to APRIL 10, 2020. Thanks in advance for all of the support.